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Scrap metal is one of the most sought-after commodities in recycling, and the reason is of little surprise when you consider how much energy is saved when you recycle metal versus mining new metal ores.


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• Non Ferrous Metal Recycling
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AMD Metal Recycling Solutions is one of the oldest and most efficiently operating ferrous yards in Ontario. We operate only with the finest and newest Liebherr material handling machines and CAT forklifts. We have two seperate sorting areas so customers can be served quickly and accordingly. All of our scales are government inspected, calibrated and certified. On-site graders and experienced sorters are working around the clock to make sure you're paid for exactly what you deliver so there is never a discrepancy!


Many customers ask us how to tell the difference between ferrous and non ferrous metals:

The word Ferrous derives from the periodic table of elements symbol Fe which is the chemical element for Iron. All ferrous metals contain iron. A good trick for telling the difference between ferrous and non ferrous metals is to check by sticking a magnet to the piece of metal. If the Magnet sticks then the metal contains Iron and is therefore Ferrous. If the piece of metal does not stick it is most likely non ferrous. Usually Ferrous metals are worth much less than non ferrous because of there availability. 


The steel industry has been actively recycling for more than 150 years. When AMD Metal Recycling Solutions started customers would show up to the scales on horseback. The first president of AMD Metal Recycling Solutions would regale customers with stories of lazy horses who sat on the scale and refused get off. Could you imagine waiting in line for two hours while a horse had a nap on the scale.

The reason recycling scrap has been going strong for so long is because it is economically advantageous to do so. It is cheaper to recycle steel than to mine iron ore and manipulate it through the production process to form new steel. Steel does not lose any of its inherent physical properties during the recycling process and more importantly significantly reduces energy and material requirement compared with the refinement of iron ore. The Energy saved by recycling reduces annual energy consumption by approximately 75% this enough to power eighteen million homes for one year. Here are some other interesting facts that prove the importance of recycling ferrous scrap metal.

Every ton of new steel made from scrap steel saves: 1) 1,115 kg of iron ore. 2) 625 kg of coal. 3) 53 kg of limestone.

AMD Metal Recycling Solutions works directly with steel mills and foundry's to ensure the metal we receive is sent via the most direct route to be recycled and remade into new steel products like cars, fridges stoves, buildings etx. Our processes and equipment ensures that 100% of all metal received is diverted from landfill.


Here are some examples different types Ferrous metals that we buy:  

    • Heavy Melt / Structural Steel

    • House radiator  

    • Microwave  

    • Racking and file cabinets

    • Chips and Turnings

    • Cast Iron

    • Baled Tin

     • Cars  

    • White Goods / Appliances